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County statements on 6th Naphtha Cracking Plant accident on Jan. 2nd



On the Jan. 2nd, at 10:40 AM, one of the hydrogen gas compressor pipelines in naphtha cracking plants #2 (NCP2) leaks. There were smokes on the scene. The fire protection system immediately initiated fire sprinklers to lower the temperature. At 11:36AM, the situation was under controlled, and no casualty was reported. The county government Fire Bureau, the Environmental Protection Bureau, the Labor Affairs Department and Economic Affairs Department reached the scene immediate after receiving the call. County government Fire Bureau took charge of disaster investigation of the accident. Environmental Protection Bureau monitored the air quality and waste water disposal on the accident site. Once the investigation is done, if there is any violation on relevant laws or regulations, the authority shall take legal action against the company.
County government officials emphasized, since July 2010, accidents happened one after another in the 6th Naphtha Cracking Plant. Last year (2011), the company had purposed a comprehensive pipeline replacement plan, and has been implemented. If the leaked pipeline was contracted as part of replacement plan, which suggest the company didn’t replace the pipeline thoroughly. If the leaked pipeline wasn’t contracted as part of replacement plan, then it suggests the scale of replacement project is too narrow. The company should take this issue seriously.
This incident shows that the 6th Naphtha Cracking Plant still can’t execute their safety procedure strictly. Since the safety issue is not completely solved, the 6th Naphtha Cracking Plant shouldn’t submit their Environmental Impact Assessment for further expansions. The county government emphasize once again: since the Safety Supervise Division established by Ministry of Economic Affairs has not yet complete their safety examination, to prevent further accidents, the company should focus on their safety procedure, and suspend all project expansions for now.

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