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A Misunderstanding?


Yunlin County Government cannot accept a news report called “Shen, Shu-hung : Su lies. Same method everytime ”, in Unites Daily News, May 14th 2011. Magistrate Su said that Minister of Environmental Protection Administration Shen, Shu-hung either out of condition or misleading by his deployments. In order to monitor the toxic materials produced by the Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant, Yunlin County Government apply for NTD 8 million every year.

Yunlin County Government thinks that the Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant should shutdown temporally and ask the central government to trust an international organization to do the safety check totally toward the factory’s pipes and facilities. The final goal is to give Yunlin’s residents a safe lining environment. We hope that the Environmental Protection Administration can discuss this accident deeply not just shrink this responsibility.

Yunlin County Government says that Minister Shen accused that Magistrate Su lies is unrealistic and odd. Environmental Protection Administration must explain this clearly. In order to strengthen the efficiency to handle the accidents happen in the Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant, Yunlin County Government proposed a project which called “Prevention Progect of the Toxic Material from Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant Industrial Area”. We apply for NTD 8 million each year. However, according to the reply from Environmental Protection Administration, the content of this plan belongs to the issue of local self-government. The county government should budget the disaster prevention funds and execute. This case now hasn’t pass yet.

The Environment Protection Bureau pointed out that the Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant produces most toxic materials in Taiwan every year. The complexity of it’s producing process is much higher than other industry. The human resources and funds are not enough; moreover, consecutive accidents happened in the Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant have already pollute the environment severely. That’s why we need our central government subsidizes this project so that the local government can govern those toxic materials and do the rescue more efficiently. The fire alarm happened in May 12th emphasis the importance of this project.

The Environment Protection Bureau said that the funds to subsidize Yunlin County to execute “Air Pollution Monitoring and Prevention Project” from the Environmental Protection Administration is NTD 50million. These funds are all use in the duty of air pollution prevention, and according to the certain law, it cannot use in any other duties such as toxic material monitoring. It couldn’t improve the factory safety issue of the Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant effectively only by control its air pollution. Yunln County Government appeals Minister Shen should make the judge after he knows the truth to avoid some unnecessary misunderstanding.


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