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Magistrate Sue expresses an opinion to central government for requesting firmly resolve the accidents of the Sixth Naphtha Cracking Project


 In order to seek solution to the frequent industrial accidents of the sixth naphtha cracking project, the Democratic Progressive Party [DPP] chair, Mr. Ker Chien-Ming invited Ministry of Transportation and Communications, Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Council of Labor Affairs and Formosa Plastics Group to a meeting to figure out the best solution to ensure that no accidents happen again.

 During the meeting, Magistrate Su strongly request the central government ministries and departments should carry out the responsibilities of control and supervision to prevent accidents that might occur injuries, deaths or financial loss. The DDP chair, Mr. Ker concerned about Formosa Plastics Group should promote self-management and establish standard operating procedures for tanker transportation. He also requested to examine the industrial safety system by international certification organization. There is a resolution from the meeting that request Formosa Plastics Group to install GPS equipment on all transportation vehicles. Industrial Development Bureau and Council of Labor Affairs will strengthen auditing and supervision work for Formosa Plastics Group industry safety system to ensure that no accidents happen.

 Magistrate Su said there are 3 industrial accidents happened in 5 days at the Sixth Naphtha Cracking Project. Especially the tanker rollover accident happened on 30th of March; the tanker was carrying dangerous liquid chemicals and crashing into houses. The total traffic volumes crossing the Sixth Naphtha Cracking Project exceed the rate of 1.5 million vehicles as they can be seen as 1.5 million potential bombs on the roads throughout Yunlin County. In order to prevent accidents happen, Yunlin county government has defined special driving routes for trucks carrying dangerous goods. The government will establish a task force which consists of Police bureau, Fire bureau and Environmental Protection Bureau. The task force will make an inspection randomly twice a week to prevent accidents.


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