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Yunlin County Government and Formosa Petrochemical Corporation Join Hands to Build Low Carbon Town


 Environmental Protection Administration [EPA], Executive Yuan is conducting low-carbon city competition for the first phase of selection. Yunlin county government proposes to use $17 billion on the “Towards a Low Carbon Subtropical Agricultural World” program; hence the government will request to get EPA subsidies for at least $3.3 billion. Meanwhile, Yunlin county government and Formosa petrochemical corporation rallied to announces the objective of Low-Carbon Yunlin City.

 In order to get the program subsidies from EPA, Magistrate Su come back especially from Japan, Tokyo Food Show to make a presentation personally for EPA selection committee. Chairman of Formosa Petrochemical Corporation, Mr. Wilfred Wang and his management team also attended this selection meeting. Mr. Wilfred Wang said carbon emissions reduction has always been the principal policy for the corporation. They also invest in a huge fund and human resources, and integrating the cross-company and cross-interplant resources to carry out the works for carbon emissions reduction and pollution prevention.

 Magistrate Su said many people suppose carbon reduction is the main issue for industrial and commercial cities. However, the fact that a quarter of carbon emissions in Taiwan discharge from the Sixth Naphtha Cracking Project of Formosa Petrochemical Corporation as they produce 67 million tons of CO2 every year. The live stock industry in Yunlin County has 1.43 million head of live stock that account for 25 percent of the national total amount. As a result, who should be responsible for the task of carbon emission reduction?

 Magistrate Su pointed out the “Towards a Low Carbon Subtropical Agricultural World” program is showing the specialties of Yunlin rural lifestyle and agricultural culture to proceed carbon neutral from afforestation, industrial carbon control, and agricultural low carbon economy. Through the program, it can turn the carbon crisis into opportunity to achieve the goals of low carbon villages, low carbon agricultural base, low carbon transportation network and carbon reduction afforestation. The program is to build the world-class agricultural capital city.


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