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Yunlin county government strongly query about the investigation report which Formosa Petrochemical Corporation provided


 Two times of factory safety accidents happened in The Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant shows that there exists a severe managing problem in Formosa Petrochemical Corporation. However, in the Formosa Petrochemical Corporation factory safety accidents investigation meeting, Formosa Corporation claimed that these 2 accidents didn’t make an obvious effect to framing and fishery industry and environment in Yunlin. The factory safety accidents were caused by the deficiency of pipeline design, not the managing problem. Yunlin county government felt very surprise and uncomprehending to this conclusion. They think that this conclusion is inconvincible and unacceptable.

 The general-director of environment protection bureau Mr. Yeh joined this meeting in January 21st. He said that since The Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant set up, it pollutes air, water, and soil here in Yunlin. People live in the neighbourhood also has the higher rate to get cancer. We hope that Formosa Petrochemical Corporation can do their best to solve these problems.

 Mr. Yeh said that the fire caused environmental pollutions. Not only the fowls died massively, but also hurt human body. However, Formosa Petrochemical Corporation said that the 2 accidents don’t have obvious effects to human body and the environment. This conclusion is absolutely unacceptable.

 Professor Chuang from National Chung Hsing University also strongly queries the investigation reports of air quality, water quality, and soil pollution in the neighborhood area are not convincible. She also urged those government institutions that they need have more positive actions. We can’t let The Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant become a monster always endanger our health and environment.

 Scholars and professionals doubt the attitude and ability that The Sixth Naphtha Cracking in handling these problems. They also hope that Formosa Petrochemical Corporation can achieve the promise they made in the environmental evaluation report several years ago.


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