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Magistrate Su appealed that the central government should first evaluate the building case of Kuokuang Petrochemical Technology Company and extend case of The Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant


 Consecutive factory safety accidents of The Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant have already endangered the safety of coastal area residents. At the 16th day of this month, magistrate Su joined a meeting and she appealed that government have to supervise these factory strictly. We have to do the environmental evaluation carefully and we also need to establish a state-level emergency operation centre to ensure the safety of our residents.

 When magistrate Su attended the meeting which was held at Environmental Protection Administration with general-director of Economic Affairs Department, Environment Protection Bureau and Fire Bureau form Yunlin county government, she request that government institutions such as environmental protection administration should aid Yunlin county government supervise the factory.

 Magistrate Su quoted a statistics form Ministry of Economic Affairs which pointed out that self-made rate of ethylene in Taiwan has almost reached to 100%; which means domestic petrochemical supply is greater than requirement. So that we have to carefully estimate the necessity of Kuokuang Petrochemical Technology Company’s building case. We also have to do the environmental evaluation aim at this petrochemical policy.

 Magistrate Su said Kuokuang Petrochemical Technology Company’s CEO Mr. Chen once mentioned that Kuokuang’s technology will get ahead The Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant 20 years. She thinks that The Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant need to make a lot of progress. Environmental Protection Administration should ask The Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant renew their facilities or technology.

 Magistrate Su also pointed out that The Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant has to pay billions of tax per year; however, less than 1% is for Yunlin. Su said that this is called “construct Taipei and pollute Yunlin”, it’s not fair. Furthermore, The Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant should also consider using clean energy, such as nature gas, to substitute coal or petroleum.

 General-director of Economic Affairs Department said that The Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant has severely affected agriculture and fishery in Yunlin, and of course, people’s health condition in the neighbourhood region. The Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant ought to internalize their external cost, but they didn’t. In contrary, Kuokuang internalize their external cost. General-director Shih recommended that Environmental Protection Administration should use the standard which they evaluate Kuokuang Petrochemical Technology Company to evaluate The Sixth Naphtha Cracking Plant so that we can decrease the damage to our society and environment.



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