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The Yulin County Government Held a Large-Scale Disaster Prevention and Rescue Exercise


The Yunlin County Government conducted a large-scale disaster prevention and rescue exercise, which took place today (Nov 19) at the front plaza of the No. 6 Naphtha Cracker Plant at 9 a.m. for a joint training exercise, involving also the mobilizations of rescue helicopters, Army engineers and Army chemical corps besides the basic fire fighting, disaster prevention and rescue operations. For the exercise’s smooth progression, even Mr. Ji-tang Ye, Director-General of National Fire Agency of Ministry of the Interior, gave a thumbs up for appraisal and encouraged everybody to routinely remain vigilant on disaster prevention and rescue so that, in case of a disaster, damages can be minimized to the extent that there is zero damage.

Mr. Qing-liang Chen, Secretary-General, also indicated that Taiwan, being situated at the boundary between the Eurasian Plate and the Philippine Sea Plate, is one of the areas of the most frequent occurrence of felt earthquakes, particularly with several north-south faults crossing the western plain, the prevention of earthquake disaster in Yunlin County must not be taken lightly for its location in central Taiwan. Formerly, the 921 earthquake caused severe damages and losses to the Yunlin area and with the Yunlin County’s hosting of the world’s largest petrochemical industrial park, by comparison, the potential danger that an earthquake poses to the county is much more significant. In view of this, the Ministry of the Interior had commissioned the County to hold a large-scale disaster prevention exercise at the No. 6 Naphtha Cracker Plant, simulating the occurrence of an earthquake disaster that had led to not just the collapses of buildings in the county and the injuries and deaths of people but a fire in the 130,000kl oil storage tank and a leak of the toxic Acrylonitrile compound as well. From regular disaster reduction, disaster response to post-disaster reconstruction, the relevant competent authorities and public sector organizations of the central government and the county hope to be fully prepared when a disaster does occur.

The Fire-Fighting Department pointed out that there were three main venues for this large-scale disaster prevention and rescue exercise. Respectively, the main venues were for the following exercises – A. earthquake response training exercise: (1) static displays of detection and monitoring equipment, (2) plant disaster reduction and routine training, (3) handling of the spread of unidentified gas, (4) establishment of response center upon earthquake occurrence, (5) disaster reporting and surveying, (6) stoppage of THSR and emergency evacuation, (7) rescue effort in tilted or collapsed buildings, (8) emergency medical care for a large quantity of ill and injured patients and the setup of temporary hospital, (9) emergency repair works of roads and bridges, (10) the sheltering and settling of refugees, (11) deliveries of relief supplies to remote villages and village evacuation, (12) the transporting of disassembled heavy machineries, for reassembly in the disaster area, to aid in the rescue effort, (13) the delivering of relief supplies to the isolated areas and the transferring of injured patients from these areas, (14) emergency repair works of life-supporting pipelines, (15) the rescuing of people from burning building, (16) press handling, (17) post-disaster survey and (18) restoration and reconstruction of the disaster zone;

B. toxic Acrylonitrile disaster response training exercise: (1) reporting and site control, (2) operations by the emergency response task force, (3) external supports, (4) dispersal and evacuation operations, (5) armed forces supports, (6) leakage repair and cleanup and (7) environmental monitoring and restoration; C. fire extinguishing exercise simulating a major fire in the 130,000kL oil storage tank: (1) plant-wide fire-fighting and rescue efforts in response to the oil storage tank fire and (2) external supports assisting in the fire-fighting and rescue efforts.


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