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Conference of Emergency Response for the 6-NCP Contaminations


People living adjacent to the Sixth Naphtha Cracker Plant (6-NCP) are suffering from great threats to their health because the 6-NCP seems can’t stop its own industrial accidents from happening repeatedly. To allow local people better respond to accidents at the 6-NCP, the County Government has sponsored a conference of emergency response for the 6-NCP contaminations in the afternoon of the 17th at the Mailiao Senior High School. The folks may learn about the procedure of industrial accident investigation and actions to be taken in case the factory catches fire or contaminates the county again.

According to the Department of Public Works, industrial contaminations are always high profile incidents that attract deep concerns among the public who will demand prompt and thorough investigations, answers of direct, indirect or fundamental reasons and doable improvements to make certain that the same of similar accident can not happen again or at least result in reduced harms against themselves and the environment.

The County Government has invited Professor Ye, De-hui of industrial safety general review executive board to give lecture of industrial hazard investigation with topics of the purpose, type, technique, and tools of accident investigation and the investigation procedure adopted by Yunlin County Government. The investigation reports of the two most recent industrial contamination incidents in the County are used as case studies for analysis and review.

Professor Ye has explained how the primary chemicals and contaminants produced from the 6-NCP affect human body and health, with cases of emergency evacuation, rescue, and air pollution. Attendees have learned the health-threatening poisonous gases emitted from the 6-NCP and discussed extensively on the responses to the chemical odor that overwhelmed Xin Sin Elementary School on Sep. 13 and the Mailiao factory fire on Jul. 25.

Attendees include county government agencies, including Department of Education, Environment Protection Bureau, Fire-fighting Department, Police Department, Public Health Bureau, Department of Labor and Department of Public Works, school representatives from Mailiao Township and Taisi Township and more than 50 civilians.



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