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Six Townships Demand Relieves from the 6-NCP


The County Government convenes a meeting in the afternoon of the 12th with six township offices of Sihhu, Kouhu, Dongshih, Erlun, Lunbei and Baozhong to discuss the relieves provided by the Sixth Naphtha Cracker Plant (6-NCP) at Mailiao. The meeting is hosted by Deputy Magistrate, Mr. 林源泉 and the Formosa Plastic is represented by its Special Assistant, Mr. 吳欣哲. This is the first time both sides sit down face to face to negotiate. The 6 townships have fully expressed their demands, and Deputy Magistrate Lin has concluded that the demands from the townships will be consolidated before next week and with which the County Government will negotiate with the 6-NCP again.

The demand negotiation on the 6-NCP relieves takes place at the water regime center at the County Government this afternoon. It has concluded that the damage to peanuts is caused by 臭氧, and the County Government will convene a meeting of relief for the claim. Deputy Magistrate Lin stresses that this meeting’s goal is establishing a relief protocol with the 6-CNP; it is not a relief negotiation. Wu also promises that the head quarter will give consideration to the demands made by the townships.

These demands include health insurance subsidiary, free school lunch for children, water/electricity subsidiary, and air pollution monitor station. Deputy Magistrate Lin has instructed the Department of Public Works to gather information concerning the relief protocol and proposed the township offices to meet again next week to agree on a relief protocol, with which the County Government may further negotiate with Formosa Plastic.



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