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12 Practical Suggestions Proposed by Yunlin County Government in the 6-NCP General Review Conference


While the 6-NCP General Review Conference continues in Taipei, Yunlin County Government has specifically pointed out in the regard of water consumption reduction at the 6-NCP. The daily quota of water consumption for the 6-NCP is 340 thousand tons, and the data of daily discharge of waste water provided by the 6-NCP is 525 thousand tons. The County Government strongly questions the correctness of the data and the 6-NCP’s honesty on daily water consumption. It expects the 6-NCP to be a responsible enterprise and keep its words that it has given to the environment assessment board in the first place and find its own water source instead of taking water from agricultural irrigation.

Mr. Chen, Shi-qing, Director-general of the Environment Protection Bureau, points out the correlation between the emission of poisonous chemical by the 6-NCP and cancers among local population can not be denied by the some academic institutes based on the data provided unilaterally by the 6-NCP that claims, with insufficient number of poisonous chemical monitor station and influence of wind direction, no poisonous chemical is detected. Such conclusion finds no ground of academic objectivity.

Mr. Chen expects the 6-NCP to respond more actively to the high cancer rate among local population and seek for a solution to protect the lives and safety of the local residents.

Magistrate Su in the afternoon of the 29th once again attends the 6-NCP General Review Conference in Taipei in a rush and makes her conclusive report. Due to lacking of fund and time, only one statistic analysis has been done on secondary data of monitoring, audition, and medical record, and the result is very limited. Scholars and experts also agree that the data provided by the 6-NCP is not enough. In the future concerned authorities must conduct inspections inside the factory and thorough investigation. She also demands the 6-NCP to materialize the suggestions and improvements concluded in the conference.

According to the County Government, the 10-year general review on the 6-NCP finds many negative impacts have been brought by the 6-NCP, and both Central and local governments have their shares; they should join efforts together to solve these problems brought by the 6-NCP.

The 6-NCP has changed its power generation energy from natural gas to burning coal when it sees opportunity allowed in the environment assessment. It uses highly contaminating petroleum coke as the fuel for cogeneration of combined heat and power that results in more carbon dioxide emission. However, we hope the Environment Protection Administration, the 6-NCP, environmental groups, and the County Government to fulfill their respective social responsibilities.

The County Government has proposed 12 recommendations before all issues may be clarified in the general review:

(1) Suspend the fifth phase development at the 6-NCP;

(2) Re-review the progress of fulfilling the promises made in the environment assessment;

(3) Establish comprehensive monitor network on air quality, water quality, soil, and underground water, with focuses on rising temperature and acidity of sea water;

(4) Analyze and use the monitor data since the development in the last ten years and re-conduct simulations on air pollution and water pollution to improve and control pollutions;

(5) Simulate environmental impact from poisonous chemical hazards and establish monitor, emergency respond and medical systems;

(6) Establish a permanent National Environment Monitor and Disaster Prevention and Rescue Center to enhance fire-fighting capability;

(7) Recycle heat and waste to facilitate agricultural and fishing development;

(8) Conduct health risk and epidemiologic review in Yunlin-Chiayi-Nantou area and build a health hazard database:

  1. Health risk review is a promise made to the environment assessment and the Central Government must fulfill its responsibility;
  2. Conclusions made by scholars have been proved to be similar to the result of the County Government commissioned research;
  3. Lists of chemicals and waste discharges are not provided, preventing review from proceeding;
  4. Result of the County Government commissioned research to be included in the research report;

(9) The Central Government is advised to re-examine the 6-NCP’s impact and the Central’s tax policy rationale and fairness on Yunlin County’s overall economic development;

(10) Institutionalize and fully disclose the compensation measures to prevent infighting among local political factions and misuse as politicians’ personal favors;

(11) The Central Government should establish an institute comparable to the United States Chemical Safety and Hazard Investigation Board (CSB); and

(12) The Central Government and the Legislative Yuan are advised to conduct a comprehensive review on concerned laws and regulations and provide more severe penalties.



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