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Magistrate Su Rushes Again to 6-NCP General Review Conference


The Sixth Naphtha Cracker Plant (6-NCP) General Review Conference is held in Taipei City for three days; Magistrate Su this afternoon (28) once gain rushes north to speak up on the contaminations of soil and underground water near the 6-NCP. She also demands Formosa Plastic to conduct honest investigation and test and submit a comprehensive report for the sake of the general public.

The land that 6-NCP is using is actually reclamation land, and the oil tanks and pipelines on the land used for more than one decade on that land are questionable in their integrity. The stability of the reclamation land is also a concern that requires tracking and testing with stringent monitoring system operating constantly to make sure no more industrial accident does not happen again. Magistrate Su says in the conference.

Magistrate Su points out that chemical agents are used to put out the two fires at the 6-NCP; where did they go? Are they properly processed? Any leak into the river or ocean? These are the questions that must be answered in this conference. The general public is greatly concerned regarding to the post-fire environmental impact on local river and ocean and respective processing with due diligence; Formosa Plastic must give reasonable answers.

Magistrate Su further raises the issue of local government’s capacity to monitor and control large volume of volatile gases discharged by the Kuokuang Petrochemical (KP), if it is approved, above the south and north banks of Zhuoshui River. It is not merely a technical issue and compliance to discharge standard is not good enough when it comes to volatile organic compound. It is a matter of enterprise social responsibility that requires fulfillment of environment protection and sustainability to meet the public expectation. Magistrate Su stresses that the threshold to initiate burning tower should match with international practice; only permissible when emergency, not a routine procedure.

Professor Gao, Zhi-ming also speaks in the conference that the report has revealed a severe insufficient number of monitor station that Formosa Plastic has installed inside and outside its factory; these monitor stations in the 6-NCP are not comparable with other industrial areas in terms of quantity and location. In addition, the monitor information and data should be disclosed promptly.



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