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Magistrate Su and Department Heads Attend the 6-NCP General Assessment Conference


The 6-NCP General Assessment Conference sponsored by the Environment Protection Administration of Executive Yuan begins today in Taipei for consecutive 3 days. Despite the conference invites only the Director-general of the Environment Protection Bureau and several professors as speakers, Yunlin County Government has no intention to be absent. Magistrate Su together with Shi, Ke-he, Director-general of the Department of Public Works, You, Xin-long, Director-general of the Department of Labor Affairs, Director-general of the Agriculture, Department of Water Resources, Yang, Yu-lin, Director-general of Fire-fighting Department, and Wu, Ding-mou, Director-general of the Tax Administration have attended the conference. Magistrate Su points out that ever since the 6-NCP’s establishment in Yunlin County investments by other industries have been seriously discouraged, leaving Yunlin with a blurry future.

In the conference, Magistrate Su says the 6-NCP has brought great impact on agriculture and fishing industries of Yunlin. It not only contaminates costal fishing areas and marine produces, its air pollution also seriously damages agriculture and ecology on land; the coastal area in Yunlin is covered in smoke that causes great threat to the health of Yunlin residents.

Magistrate Su points out, as petrochemical industry requires tremendous amount of water, the 6-NCP’s water consumption is so great that it leaves little water available for other industries. High-precision industry, for example, becomes reluctant to invest in Yunlin, causing Yunlin stagnant economic growth.

Magistrate Su also points out that when the 6-NCP first establishes, it has made promises to take care of local environment. How many promises have been fulfill so far? Not much. People catching fry is a scene often seen at the coast line, but not any more. Yunlin used to be proud of its fresh air, how about now? The damage that the 6-NCP has done to Yunlin; what about its liability to the land? Formosa Plastic should think seriously about sustainability and development of this land.

Shi, Ke-he, Director-general of the Department of Public Works also pints out that the huge amount of water consumption of the 6-NCP has prevented water supply for other uses, especially agricultural irrigation. The Irrigation Association is selling 3600 tons of water to the 6-CNP alone, and the same amount of water is more than enough for 842 hectares of farm land in Yunlin. The 6-NCP’s threat to Yunlin’s environment is so great and it is beyond describable.

The 6-NCP inflicts damages to Yunlin’s environment but pays tax to the Central Government. Yunlin fire-fighting force lacks of advanced fire-fighting equipment for the major industrial accidents like the one on July 25 at the 6-NCP; they are not properly equipped to handle accidents of such magnitude. The Central Government must establish a national-level disaster response and monitoring center, says Yang, Yu-lin, Director-general of Fire-fighting Department.



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