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Magistrate Su Emphasizes on the Importance of Parallel Monitoring and Urges the Central Government to Establish National-Level Disaster Response and Monitor Center


The series of industrial accidents in the Sixth Naphtha Cracker Plant (6-NCP) and Nanya Plastic in Chiayi have caused panic in the neighboring areas. Magistrate Su on the 12th goes to Taipei to defend the safety of the lives and properties of the people of Yunlin. In a 6-NCP supervision meeting, Su emphasizes the importance of parallel monitoring and urges the Central Government to establish as soon as possible a national level disaster response and monitoring center. In addition, she also demands Formosa Plastic to submit a thorough review report and improvement plan concerning the serial accidents in July as an answer to the public’s questioning on the 6-NCP ignorant safety practice.

In the 40th meeting of the execution and supervision committee of the 6-NCP environment impact review and examination conclusion has been held in the afternoon on the 12th at the Environment Protection Bureau. Magistrate Su, accompanied by Shi, Ke-he, Director-general of the Department of Public Works, Lu, Zheng-zhang, Director-general of the Agriculture, Chen, Shi-qing, Director-general of the Environment Protection Bureau, We, Zhao-jun, Director-general of the Public Health Bureau, and Yang, Yu-lin, Director-general of Fire-fighting Department, describes about dropping ph-value of sea water, rising temperature of seawater, environment pollution, insufficient irrigation, poisonous compounds from the 6-NCP, high ratio of cancer among local people, and traffic congestion in surrounding areas since the coming of the 6-NCP in Yunlin. She wishes the 6-NCP may take these matters serious and make improvements.

Environment protection legislator Tian, Qiu-jin speaks for Yunlin at the meeting as well by questioning the lacking of credibility of the data of air, noise, and water quality in recent years provided by academia research commissioned by Formosa Plastic. In addition, Tian demands strong actions by the Central authorities be taken concerning the serial accidents at the 6-NCP and never allow the 6-NCP becomes a foreign settlement untouchable by laws.

The 6-NCP supervision committee member gives examples with personal observation in the 6-NCP complex and claims that there is serious leakage on the oil tank pipeline and the warning system has failed to activate, suggesting malfunction of the warning system. The entire complex is filled with gas odor. The committee member suspects it is directly related to the gas in the air in Mailiao Township and Taixi Township that caused children ailing on Sept. 9 and 13, respectively.

It is a unanimous doubt among the 6-NCP supervision committee members that it is the 6-NCP’s ability and attitude in tackling its own safety issue and failure to notify the local authority in time to prevent the accidents from escalating that cause the serious damages. They demand the 6-NCP to remember this lesson and self-examine sincerely to prevent the regrettable matters from happening again. They also hope Formosa Plastic to fulfill the promises one by one it has made and stated on the environment impact assessment report in the first place.



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