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Inconvenient Truths for Formosa Plastic; Environment Protection Bureau Responds


In replying to the responsibility-shifting news released that Formosa Plastic has issued on Sept. 5, 2010, Yunlin County Environment Protection Bureau has made a statement as below:

1. It is a fact that more than 80 students and teachers of 5 schools have experienced sickness on Sept. 9; it is a fact that 9 students and teachers have also experienced sickness on Sept. 13; both facts are contributed by the abnormal atmospheric odor.

2. The ethylene, propylene, ethane, and propane, of which dramatic rises of the concentrations on Sept. 9 and 13 as revealed in the data of the Taixi photo-chemical monitor station of the Environment Protection Administration, are all primary products of the 6-NCP of Formosa Plastic; the pollution made by the 6-NCP is beyond any doubt.
3. The toxicities of ethylene and propylene have been professionally confirmed by numerous scholars and experts and can not be ignored or denied by Formosa Plastic.

4. The data of Sept. 13 from the monitor station that Formosa Plastic installed at Mailiao Junior High School has revealed 311 ppb of SO2 in concentration, exceeding the 250 ppb of air quality standard. At the time of inspection, no malfunction has been reported in advance by Formosa Plastic but after the incident Formosa Plastic claims malfunction of the monitor station; it is therefore the data from the self-administered monitoring by Formosa Plastic is not acceptable to the general public.

5. At the time that the Environment Protection Bureau finds tank leakage on Sept. 13, no leakage report has ever been made to the Environment Protection Bureau. Mr. Chen, Shi-qing, Director-general of the Environment Protection Bureau, stresses that a corporate should act ethically and fulfill its social responsibility; it should focus on improvement instead of defensive argument.



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